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Depending On God

Depending On Our Father   I’ve been reading a helpful little book on prayer called Enjoying Your Prayer Life by Michael Reeves. It is actually more of a booklet with short chapters. It can easily be used as part of one’s morning devotions.In his chapter titled Depending on God, Reeves says, “Being a Christian is…

Acceptable Prayer

Acceptable Prayer   The Christian life individually and corporately is about pleasing God. And pleasing God is about living by the terms that he is set. But often this is not how Christians approach God. For instance, we often give our opinion about public worship. “Oh I loved that song”,  “The sermon was excellent,” or…

Acceptable to the Lord

Acceptable to Lord The Heidelberg Catechism contains a section on prayer in which the question is asked,  What belongs to such prayer which is acceptable to God and which He will hear (Q/A 117)? This question may offend some who assume that God accepts all prayer. In today’s pluralistic environment it is often assumed that…

Why Did the Son Come to Earth?

  Why Did the Son Come to Earth? One of the reasons the Son of God came to earth was to reveal the Father’s love of the world. He is the supreme revealer of God. No one has seen God, but the only begotten Son has made him known (John 1:18). One of the most…

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Installation of Officers

This coming Sunday, February 8, we will be installing into office two men, one for the office of Elder, and the other for the office of Deacon. We are thankful to the Lord who gives faithful men to serve his church.

Study on the Lord’s Prayer

Currently in the Adult Sunday School, Rev. Gruggett is leading a study of the Lord’s Prayer. We will using the Heidelberg Catechism as our guide, and drawing from the treatment of this subject by Zacharius Ursinas, one of writers of the catechism. Ursinas lectured on the catechism and his lectures were posthumously made into book….