Why Did the Son Come to Earth?


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Why Did the Son Come to Earth?

One of the reasons the Son of God came to earth was to reveal the Father’s love of the world. He is the supreme revealer of God. No one has seen God, but the only begotten Son has made him known (John 1:18). One of the most precious verses for Christians, John 3:16, displays just how great is the Father’s love.

John tells us that “God so loved the world” The word “world” refers not to everyone who has ever lived. Nor does it point to the elect. It refers the mankind in rebellion against God and hostiles to God and his Son. Jesus says “If the world hates you, know also that it hated me first.” The world does not know God; it is blind to him and is under the judgment of God in need of salvation. This understanding is not only more accurate but it also escalates the greatness of God’s love. It is not the bigness  of the object that demonstrates great of God’s love,  but it wickedness. In loving the world, he loves that which hates him.

God’s love for the world is therefore unexpected since it only deserves His just wrath. But Jesus is at the begetting of His description of the Father’s love. He has more to say and what he says is mind boggling.

Jesus wants us to see how much the Father loves the world.  This leads us to his next words He gave.  This expression tells of more than normal gift giving. It is the language of sacrifice. So Paul will say that that Son of God loved him and gave himself for him (Gal. 2:20). So the Father gave one to be a sacrifice for sin. This implies that the world that the Father loves, he also condemns. Thus if anyone will to be saved from such condemnation a sacrifice that satisfies His justice is order. And so out of His love He gave such a sacrifice. This sacrifice would have to bear the sins of his people, undergo their condemnation.

So what is the sacrifice that he gave? The answer is his only begotten Son.  The English words “only begotten” accurately translate the Greek term monogenes.  It is found five times in John’s writing and a few more in other New Testament books.  So in Hebrews 11:17 it refers to Abraham offering up his “only begotten son” (NKJ). In Hebrews as elsewhere it refers to one’s only child. Here in John the meaning is the same. It is referring to the Father’s only Son. But what does this mean? This text is referring to what has historically been called the ‘eternal generation’ of the Son. In some way that we cannot describe the Son of God is eternally begotten of the Father. Precisely what this means is difficult if not impossible to say. We can say at least what is does not mean. It is not implying that the Father created the Son. The Son is eternal God as much as the Father. Nevertheless he bears an eternal relationship with the Father that renders him the “Son” eternal. He was the eternal begotten son God before his incarnation (John 17:5). So it comes to this: The Father gave his only begotten Son for the world that he loved. That is the true measure of the God’s love for the world. HE GAVE HIS SON!  The Son whom He dearly love, and who is true and eternal God.

Amazing Love! How can it be that thou my God shouldst die for me

And so why did the Father give His Son? Answer: that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Think of this: those who deserve God wrath, which is to be separated from God enduring his wrath forever, He will bring into everlasting fellowship with the Father and the Son forever. Eternal life is the true apex of existence; it is what we are meant for. It is the life of God given to his people in His Son. While the world is striving to have it “best life now,” the believer has put away such fantasy and awaits the day when Jesus will come and give the fullness of the gift of eternal life.

So a reason the Jesus has come is to reveal the Father’s love. And what a revelation this is!

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