Seeing Disobedience for What It Is

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In our congregational prayer this past Lord’s day [May 24], I prayed the following petition:

“Help us to see that the way of transgression is hard,

that the path of evil is wretched,

and that to turn from You, is to depart from all that is good….”

I adapted this from a book of written prayers called The Valley of Vision. The way of transgression is the habit of disobedience. It may look easy, productive,  prosperous and pleasurable. But it is hard. The path of evil—and yes there is such a path—invites one to pleasures and highs, but it is miserable. Problem follows problem, fight begets fight, issues abound with no resolutions.

And one does not turn to what is good when he turns from God. For the Lord is good. He defines goodness for us. Think about a friend, a relative, a co-worker who does not acknowledge God. Is it not the case that he believes that living life as he sees fit is the true good? We follow what we deem to be good. However, the question for us is this: Is the good we pursue a deception or the real thing?

O Lord, help us to see the way of disobedience for what it really is.



Author: Tracy Gruggett

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