God Shines His Face on the Meek

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God Shines His Face on the Meek.

Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth (Matt. 5.5).

Who will rule the world, who will get ahead, who succeeds? Who are the winners and the losers in life? Who inherits the earth?

A woman says that when she goes to the movies she always buys tickets at the electronic kiosk for the children’s price. If she ever is called on it when she hands in the ticket she is prepared to say “Oops, I bought a children’s ticket on accident.” But, she says, “I’ve never been called on it.” Another person tells you how she beats paying for long term parking. When you go to your car, just grab a fresh ticket from the machine and turn it in when you leave. Another person tells how to get free channels on Direct TV. Message? Those who get around the system inherit the earth.

I heard that story of a pastor who was called to an Anglican congregation. He chose not to wear the traditional robes. He was approached by someone who was speaking on behalf of a family in the church. He is informed that this family would like for you to wear the robe otherwise they will consider leaving the church and our 250000 a year giving will go with us. This was a not to subtle power play, a way to leverage the pastor. Message? Those with money inherit the earth.  

I remember a husband and wife that I counseled. He made some point about her behavior that I confirmed as wrong. But she saw right through him. Contempt was all over her faced. She knew he was using me and my authority. I was an idiot.  But he was trying to win the argument with me on his side. Message? The crafty inherit the earth.

Thus in the world, too often in the church, and in marriage in family, the message is—the strong, the aggressive and self-assertive get ahead. They inherit the earth.

But Jesus turns all this on its head with this beatitude. The humble in Christ—they inherit the earth.

Author: Tracy Gruggett

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